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Just a simple man's thoughts

I am just a simple man, even though college educated and technically trained with over 40 years within the software industry, I see things from a very fundamental relational view.  Perhaps, this is due to having spent a majority of my professional career designing databases that by definition focuses on the detail relationships of all the parts that made up the whole unit.

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In this “always on, demand driven” world, the focus seems to be placed on our differences instead of all the things we have in common including the universality innate desire to  achieve a higher place and purpose.  When asked, most of us believe that we are all indeed connected to each other and there is something more than life as we know it.  And, when we practice the simple but amazing human experience of being "good neighbors",  this belief gets reenforced time and time again as we seem to get as much out of the act as the individual we helped.