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Just a simple man's thoughts

I am just a simple man, even though college educated and technically trained with over 40 years within the software industry, I see things from a very fundamental relational view.  Perhaps, this is due to having spent a majority of my professional career designing databases that by definition focuses on the detail relationships of all the parts that made up the whole unit.

The "check and balance" relationships that created a " value proposition " in our world no long exist.   The new "norm" is something amazing, were lying is accepted and expected from everyone including those running for the "highest office in the land.  You see, I was raised that your "word" was the only thing that was truly yours and more valuable than anything else you owned, and therefore should be "protected at all cost", and that with it, you could get everything you needed in life.

In future post, I will share my thoughts on some of the things that are getting out of control.